As Occupational Therapists we believe that life should be filled with possibilities: work, friends, education, leisure interests, and personal growth.

People with special needs and their families often forgo these joys as they encounter social barriers and systems that seemingly offer few choices.

We are experienced professionals who help people achieve their life goals through:

  • Discovering and trying out new options

  • Breaking barriers through advocacy, helping you achieve life goals, and creating solutions

  • Developing a life you’ll love and feel proud of

Bright Futures can help.



Initial Consultation:  Bright Futures tailors services to fit each family’s unique needs. We will explore individual and family goals, discuss possible means of reaching these, and decide together how to best begin. Learn More >
Planning:  We work with individuals and families to develop a vision of the future that is exciting and attainable, along with a sequence of priorities. We also help to identify potential resources and suggest creative options. Learn More >
Assistance: When clients’ rights for services or funding have been denied, we serve as diplomatic and tenacious advocates. If existing programs and resources do not fit, we work to identify solutions that do. Learn More >

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